5 Fun Facts About the Oklahoma Tulsa Drillers

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While there are no major league baseball teams in Oklahoma, state residents have been cheering on the Tulsa Drillers for decades and are very proud of the team. In 1977, the Drillers moved from Lafayette to Tulsa, and began their tenure of 39 years and running. Below are just a few things you may have not known about this amazing minor league team.

1. The Drillers have been affiliated with three different major league teams.

The Drillers started with the Texas Rangers in 1976, and ended in 2002. The Drillers then began their affiliation with the Colorado Rockies, for a short two years. In 2014, the team signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, with whom they are still affiliated today.

2. The Drillers have won big.

In the time since the team moved to Tulsa, they have won three league titles and four division titles in the minor league. The team won all three of their Texas League titles while signed with the Rangers, and has also won division titles in the North Division under all three teams.

3. The Drillers name was carried over from Lafayette. 

In 1977, the Lafayette Drillers switched cities and became the Tulsa Drillers. The team opted to keep the Driller name, seeing as it was a perfect fit given Tulsa's ties to the oil industry.

4. The Drillers were the first team to plant roots in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Drillers were the first professional sports team of any sort to call Tulsa home. In fact, professional baseball began in Tulsa in 1905, over 70 years before the team officially became known as the Drillers.

5. Drillers fans can live close enough to catch every game.

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