Where to Find the Best Sushi in the Inland Empire

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Sushi is certainly a staple of many quality restaurants, especially in the Inland Empire of California. If you love sushi, you will love this short list of the best places for sushi in or around Riverside and San Bernardino. Let's get started.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Riverside or San Bernardino

Riverside, CA: Hon Sushi is located in Corona right off the 215. The restaurant gained 4.5-stars on Yelp and offers Japanese-style sushi. Riverside, CA: Sushi OK is located off Arlington Ave in Riverside. The restaurant holds 4.5-stars on Yelp and offers Japanese-style sushi at affordable prices. Riverside, CA: Sushi Station is located on Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside. The restaurant earned a 4.5-star rating on Yelp. The menu is long, and the prices are affordable; however, what really brings people back is the outstanding food. This is a Japanese-style sushi bar. San Bernardino, CA: Meiga Sushi is located on E. Highland Avenue in San Bernardino. The restaurant holds a 4.5-star status on Yelp and offers exceptional sushi at great prices and often surprises its guests with freebies. San Bernardino, CA: Ssing Ssing Kimchi House is located on W. Court Street in San Bernardino. The restaurant holds 4.5-stars on Yelp. This is an Asian Fusion restaurant with a Korean theme and excellent sushi at really cheap prices. San Bernardino, CA: Miyagi Sushi is located on E. Baseline Street. They hold a solid 4-star status on Yelp and offers Japanese-style sushi at great prices. One popular menu option is the all-you-can-eat combo for $25. San Bernardino, CA: Sushi Train is located on Sterling Avenue in San Bernardino. The restaurant holds a solid 4-star rating by Yelp users. Expect reasonable prices, great food and a long menu. San Bernardino, CA: Jiro's Japanese Restaurant is located on Harriman Place in San Bernardino. This is an excellent place for Japanese food, including sushi. This is also one of the best ramen noodle houses in the area. Like we said, sushi makes a delicious meal. Most of these restaurants serve lunch and dinner and many offer beer and wine. They make living in a Weidner Apartment Home even better. For more information about our Southern California apartment homes, just visit us online.

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