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 This year, the Weidner Cares team decided to ring in 2017 by volunteering in one of our newest regions – Oklahoma! We had more than 35 team members from both Tulsa and Oklahoma City suit up in orange and volunteer for the day with Youth Services of Tulsa. Youth Services of Tulsa’s mission is “To value and accept all youth, supporting and challenging them to embrace their potential.” The non-profit organization focuses on advocating for, and meeting the needs of at-risk youth; offer counseling, delinquency prevention, and programs for runaway and homeless youth. YST has been helping area youth and their families since 1969, and to date have assisted more than 300,000 youth in Tulsa and surrounding communities. Their vision, “Empowered Youth Who Grow and Achieve” is a cause Weidner is proud to align with. Let the Work Begin! Youth Services of Tulsa was gifted a beautiful facility near downtown Tulsa, equipped with a full shelter, a drop-in center, lounges, conference rooms, kitchens and offices. While this was a most generous gift, maintaining the building had its challenges. This is where the Weidner Cares team came in and helped with everything from painting to landscaping to restore and revive the facilities, allowing the organization to concentrate their efforts on helping Tulsa’s homeless youth. We made more than 450 meal bags, sorted and donated 3 truckloads of clothing, painted and organized the interior of their shelter building, washed cars and windows, helped with some electrical and carpentry work, and even made some make-ready boxes for clients moving into new apartments. The Weidner Cares team worked tirelessly to revitalize this facility, and now the staff, and their clients, have a little less to worry about this summer! Thank you so much to our Oklahoma team for making our first Weidner Cares of 2017 a shining success! “Youth Services of Tulsa greatly appreciates the time and efforts that the employees of Weidner Apartment Homes spent volunteering on our campus. By taking the time to complete much needed projects, you have sent a powerful message to the youth we serve every day that Weidner Cares! Thank you for sharing your time, talents and resources. You have made a positive difference in the lives of Tulsa’s youth.” -David C. Grewe, LCSW Executive Director- Youth Services of Tulsa You’re very welcome, Mr. Grewe, and Youth Services of Tulsa. Judging from the bright smiles on the faces of our team, the pleasure was all ours! Thank you for the work you do in the community of Tulsa and beyond. -The Weidner Team

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