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Weidner Cares Team in Canada![/caption] ‘Tis the season for giving, and as we at Weidner Apartment Homes reflect on our Weidner Cares events held in Canada this year, it reminds us that there truly is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. The Weidner Cares team worked with two stellar organizations striving to make a difference in Edmonton, AB, and Saskatoon, SK. It was a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with these amazing people who are so knowledgeable and committed to making the world a better place for children, and for those in need. EDMONTON In Edmonton, the Weidner Cares team partnered with the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. This wonderful Canada charity was founded by Ray LaBonte and Family and “is a long-term treatment center focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused.” “The Be Brave Ranch program offers these children a place to heal and increase their chances of growing into healthy adults. Clinical supports are offered to children and their families for one full year.” Children come to the Be Brave Ranch for over 200 hours of therapy over a one year period and three additional 14-day stays. Throughout the year-long program, the multi-modal therapy for children and their families, run by clinical professionals, includes Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Expressive Art Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Play Assisted Interventions, and Peer Group (cohort) Support. These therapy programs are enriched by a camp-like environment where the kids can have fun and connect with their peers who have had similar experiences. The facility that helps these kids and their families heal was in need of some care and attention and that’s where the Weidner Cares team stepped in. The Be Brave Ranch has several houses where the children reside while they are in treatment, in addition to a main office facility. The team spent the day completely removing and rebuilding three of the large outdoor decks on the houses which were in dire need of repair. They also organized several storage closets, prepped an area around a fire pit for seating, and undertook lots of landscaping. Several large shelving units were built in the garage space to store and sort supply donations. One team braved the Edmonton woods and some very “attentive” mosquitoes to clean out an old shed full of firewood so they could make room for more outside storage. The time, effort, and commitment by our volunteers proved to be very successful at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch! Laurie Szymanski, Executive Director of Little Warriors commented, “As a charitable organization, we rely on volunteers to help us maintain the property and buildings at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. When 80 amazing people from the Weidner team arrived at the Ranch to volunteer, their time and expertise for a day of work – this was invaluable. It would have taken us many months to complete this work. We are very thankful for their time and effort to help us have a safe place for children to come to receive treatment.” You’re welcome, Laurie. Thank you from Weidner Apartment Homes for all the important work you’re doing at the Be Brave Ranch. You are indeed, warriors! SASKATOON In Saskatoon, the Weidner Cares team partnered with the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch, another great Canadian charity. Three times is a charm! This is our third consecutive year volunteering at the Garden Patch. The team was thrilled to return and get a close-up look at the progress of the Garden Patch and to see how their efforts are paying off. The Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch mission is “to ensuring a food-secure community where all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.” Combining their values of respect, innovation, collaboration, and compassion, the Garden Patch’s vision is to “embrace its role as innovative and collaborative leaders in building an engaged, inclusive, healthy and empowered community for all.” The Weidner team spent the day painting, weeding, harvesting, and building. The most ambitious part of the project was framing, constructing, and painting two large sheds and a fence. Previously, there was a small greenhouse shed made out of plastic and posts that was acting as one of their storage areas. As the Garden Patch continues to grow, their need for storage also increases, so the new sheds ensure continued growth and a safe haven for their supplies for years to come. Gardens aren’t just for food – they can be a happy, peaceful, colorful, and inviting place for the community to enjoy. That’s where the Weidner team lent their painting skills and applied a much-needed coat of paint for a fresh, exciting look that encourages visitors to stay a while. Some team members were also taught how to build a willow fence,where willow tree branches are woven between posts to create a small barrier in the garden. Who knew willow trees were such multitaskers? Both of these Canadian events made such a positive impact on their communities. To all those who participated and volunteered during these two wonderful events, thank you for sharing your time and talents! To the terrific individuals at Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch and the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch, we thank you for the opportunity to assist you in such important work in your communities. Happy Holidays from Weidner Apartment Homes! What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

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