White Elephant Gift Giving Guide

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 White Elephant Gift Giving Guide[/caption] Nothing says holiday party like having friends and family over for a white elephant gift exchange. To make your holiday life easier, we've compiled an easy gift giving guide geared towards the apartment home: Gnomes never go out of style and they still get the biggest laugh. There are families that have been exchanging stranger-than-fiction gnomes for centuries. While they may be stored in a dark corner of the closet or garage for most of the year, it’s always good for a laugh during a Christmas or Hanukkah white elephant party. If the recipient of this gift is expecting it again this year, find new and strange places to plant your little friend: atop the toilet seat, inside the linen closet, lounging on the terrace. These little guys can be found almost anywhere online- eBay, Amazon, Target, etc. Pop-star art from high-school days. There’s nothing like a little nostalgia for a good, hearty laugh. Whether your host or gift recipient is an avid Elvis, Beatles or Spice Girl fan, you can bet they’ll appreciate a life-sized poster of their teen idol. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually hang it anywhere, but it’s still considered a premium white elephant gift. Look for kitschy smaller memorabilia items too, like salt and pepper shakers, pillows and blankets, towels and glasses. Go classy with a keepsake box. Not every white elephant gift has to be knee-slapping funny. Try a small keepsake box for jewelry, loose change, or keys. For an extra personal touch, start the box off with an item that’s important to your recipient. Are they a travel-buff? Add a small compass. Do they love Las Vegas? Throw in a deck of playing cards. A personalized gift tells the recipient you cared enough to think about their gift and plan it out, so whenever possible, go for the details. Put those selfies to work. If you want a good laugh, take a selfie and get it printed on a coffee mug or pillowcase with a card that reads something like, “With you, ALWAYS.” These also make great sentimental gifts for friends and family.  Favorite family photos or pics of the kids can be printed on just about any surface or material. Send it to the grandparents for a gift they’ll swoon over. Try Shutterfly or Collage.com for more ideas. For generic gifts, there’s always scented candles, coaster sets, Hanukkah towel sets, Christmas platters or appetizer plates, wine glasses. Any of the gifts listed in this gift giving guide would go well with a small gnome, but you be the judge. When it comes to the white elephant gift, as long as there are laughs, smiles, and good cheer, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy your time with friends and family this season! -The Weidner Team

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