Weidner Cares Team in Salt Lake City, UT

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Weidner Cares goes to Salt Lake City, UT![/caption] The Weidner Cares Utah region recently partnered with Wasatch Community Gardens in Salt Lake City, UT. Wasatch Community Gardens is a nonprofit organization with a mission of “empowering people of all ages and incomes to grow and eat healthy, organic, local food.” The Weidner Cares team of 13 volunteers spent the day at the Grateful Tomato Garden, home to Wasatch Community’s youth program. The Youth Program offers underprivileged children the opportunity to grow their own foods, in addition to hosting youth summer camps and after-school programs. Due to a forecast of rain, the team had to work quickly. Their first project was a large greenhouse which they lime washed, then they sanded and oiled all the exposed wood, including more than 15 benches. Next, the team spread mulch and trimmed back several overgrown trees threatening the greenhouse. The team also rebuilt a decomposing footbridge that goes over a small stream which runs through the garden, adding to the serenity of this beautiful garden. A group of skilled maintenance workers also spent the day constructing a new tool shed for the garden. The shed was constructed from scratch – all before the rains came, and will benefit the Grateful Tomato Garden for years to come! “Wasatch Community Gardens relies on volunteers to oversee the twenty-seven urban agriculture projects that we directly manage. Groups like Weidner who have carpentry and landscaping skills allow us to accomplish projects that would normally be out of our budget,” said Ashley Patterson, executive director of Wasatch Community Gardens. “They were a wonderful group of people with terrific attitudes. We hope to get to work with Weidner again!” Weidner Cares couldn’t be more honored to assist this amazing organization. We’re proud of our Utah team and proud of the difference one day can make. Thank you to Wasatch Community Gardens and to all of the volunteers that helped make this project such a great success! What matters to you, matters to us! -The Weidner Team

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