Summer Workout Tips to Stay Cool and Fit

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 Unless you’re an early riser, it might be difficult to beat the heat and fit your workout in before the sweltering sun sends you back indoors. While we know you can hit the gym for an indoor yoga, spin, or CrossFit class, we thought we’d offer up some creative alternatives to try this summer: Get to the pool. While this tip might seem obvious, the pool isn’t just for swimming anymore. Water aerobics is a great way to stay fit and cool, simultaneously. lists a variety of workouts with animated instructions and routines for a variety of fitness needs. Water Volleyball is another way to beat the heat and add some competition to the mix. Check with your local gym or YMCA to see about organized games, or try organizing some friendly games at your own community pool. Check in with the leasing manager for tips, resources, and any community restrictions. The forest is your friend on a hot day. Trail walks through national parks offer the peace and tranquility of nature along with some much-needed shade. For national parks and forests near you, check out Bowling just got a lot cooler. Bowling burns an estimated 105 calories per half-hour and most bowling alleys have a great soundtrack and even live bands while you perfect your skills – all inside an air-conditioned haven. Racquetball is a rigorous sport, ideal for burning calories, breaking a sweat, and feeding your competitive spirit. Serious players enter tournaments, while the more casual players grab a friend and hash out the week’s stress on the court. Check your local listings for racquetball courts in your area. Get in on the trending watersports.  From paddle boarding to jet skiing to kayaking to surfing, water sports never go out of style. Grab your gear and head to the nearest body of water. Don’t forget to apply that waterproof sunscreen. Dancing is always cool. Dance in the morning, dance on your lunch hour, dance while you’re watching TV and watch your waistline narrow and your smile widen. Host a dance party and invite some friends over for a dance-a-thon or check your local listings for the latest party craze, the Silent Disco! Burn some calories housecleaning. This tip doesn’t pack much excitement, but did you know that housecleaning burns an impressive amount of calories? Check out Shape’s list of chores that you can now call “exercise.” Who knew mopping could work off that morning bagel? Afterward, head over to the community pool. You've earned it! Share your fit and cool tips with us at #LifeatWeidner!

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