7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment

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Choosing your new apartment is exciting! Sure, there are a lot of things to consider and you don’t want to make a mistake, but no problem… we’ve got some super helpful tips to help you find your perfect new home.

We spoke recently spoke with Divna Patel, Community Director Wyndham Crossing Apartment Homes, about what residents should look for when searching for an apartment in Edmonton, CAN, or anywhere for that matter.

She talked about the top seven questions future residents should ask themselves before deciding upon the perfect apartment:

  1. Is management responsive?
    It starts with your first phone call. Notice if the staff answers or returns your call promptly. Ask if they offer an online option to pay rent, communicate with staff and make maintenance requests, and be sure to find out about their policy regarding these requests. For example, according to Patel, “At our property, our goal is to get maintenance issues resolved within 24 hours whenever possible.”
  2. Are there any special deals?
    Be sure and ask how they differ from their competitors. At Patel’s property, for instance, “We pay for our residents’ heat and water bills each month and that’s very rare in this area,” she said. If you’re signing a longer-term lease, ask about getting some free rent in exchange.
  3. Is the location convenient?
    How long will it take to run errands and get to work? “Ideally, your apartment will be near local businesses as well as shopping, dining and entertainment options,” said Patel. Also check out the property’s proximity to schools, sports fields, picnic areas, parks, and whatever else is important in your life. “For example, our residents love that we’re meters from Interstate 15 and have easy access to Hwy 216 which makes it super simple to get to the West Edmonton Mall, Costco, Walmart, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Rundle Park and a lot of other places too.”


  1. Is the property clean and well-maintained?
    Look around. Is the building modern? Are the grounds clean? Is the apartment complex landscaped and well-maintained? Patel also suggests looking at the surrounding property to see if it’s someplace that will provide peace to you during your non-working hours.
  2. Do you have multiple floor-plan options?
    Having a variety of choices allows you to pick the best layout for your belongings and your lifestyle. Patel explained, “You’ll want to be able to choose from 1, 2 & 3-bedroom floor plans for singles, couples, or families. And look for generous square footage as well an open design, both of which will enhance your life considerably.”


  1. Will the amenities make my life easier?
    Each apartment will have its own unique offerings, and it’s up to you to decide what you can and can’t live with. You’ll want the option to choose from desirable features like a full-size refrigerator, walk-in closets, and a balcony where you can relax after work and enjoy the views.
    Outdoors: Once you step outside your front door, ask yourself what’s important to have in your apartment community? Says Patel, “Different things matter to different people. In general, I’ve found that our residents choose us because they like our saltwater swimming pool, on-site laundry facility and pet-friendly community.”


  1. Does the staff care about creating a sense of community?
    Beyond the amenities, do you get a feeling of warmth from the staff and residents? Patel thinks this is the most important part of finding your next great apartment. “We try to stay innovative and set the bar high in our region regarding how we treat our residents,” she said. Her staff decorates for holidays and hosts numerous resident events such their annual summer BBQs and winter holiday parties with food, games and prizes. “We also just built some picnic tables in the common area to help our residents better enjoy the outdoors and we have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and apple cider available in our office for them every day so they can treat themselves.” Little things like this matter and help make your apartment feel like home sweet home.

No matter what apartment you choose in the end, use this list to carefully consider all your options to help make sure you’re happy in your new home.
Are you ready to feel right at home and join a warm and active community? Contact Wyndham Crossing Apartment Homes in Edmonton, CAN today to schedule your tour and find your wonderful new home.


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