11 Fun Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Apartment Living at Its Finest

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In your quest to find the perfect apartment in Colorado Springs, focus on finding a space that meets your needs and best fits your lifestyle. Apartment and community amenities are important, of course, but also remember to consider the location.

Choose to live in a location that matches your lifestyle, personality and personal taste. When you’re not at work, you want to live near the things you love to do whether it’s shopping, dining, hiking, and so much more. The closer an apartment is to these places, the better the location.

Colorado Springs is an amazing city that blends small-town charm and beauty with urban convenience. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, just south of Black Forest, it’s loved by culture enthusiasts, foodies, nature lovers and shoppers.

Whatever your definition of fun is, Colorado Springs has something to please every palette:

  1. Hike amidst the scenic views of Pike’s Peak and the Rocky Mountains
  2. Enjoy a family outing and feed the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  3. Test out your photography skills at the picturesque Seven Falls Park
  4. Check out the art galleries in Manitou Springs
  5. Travel back to the Old West in Old Colorado City
  6. Get a blast from the past at the National Museum of World War II Aviation
  7. Walk on the wild side at Colorado Wolf Adventures
  8. Commune with Mother Nature at Red Rock Canyon
  9. Visit the historical Air Force Academy
  10. Take a private climbing excursion with the Garden of the Gods tour
  11. Spend a day shopping and dining in the downtown boutique shops and cafes

Whether you’re a single professional seeking a gorgeous apartment with a gourmet-style kitchen near work, or a family who enjoys an open-style floor plan in a natural setting near parks and schools, Elements at Briargate Apartment Homes is happy to welcome you home. Give us a call today to schedule your personal tour.

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