Tulsa Apartment Community Director Shares Love Notes with Her Residents

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“When you do what you love, it isn’t work… isn’t that what they say?” asked Sacha Dickson, community director of Memorial Creek Apartment Homes in Tulsa, OK on a recent sunny day.
And for Dickson, it’s all about love. She was inspired recently after reading about the concept of “Love Notes” by author Peter Kageyama. In a city and in an apartment community, Love Notes can help “add fun, surprise and delight people in their places”.
The way Dickson saw it, Love Notes seemed to be a great way for her and her staff to show their residents how much they appreciate them on a regular basis. “We have the best group of residents here in our lovely, quiet community,” said Dickson, adding, “and a lot of them have been here a long time, which is awesome!”
So, Dickson asked herself, “How can we convey love and appreciation to our residents in an affordable, sustainable way?” She and her staff put their heads together and were surprised by the variety of ideas they came up with.
Here are some of the Love Notes the staff in this Tulsa apartment community have already put into action:
Revel in the holidays – “Anytime there’s a holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to show our residents some love,” said Dickson. For example, recently for St. Paddy’s Day, residents stopped by the office throughout the day to enjoy their choice of either a green doughnut, or a bagel topped with green cream cheese. Turns out, it wasn’t always an easy choice. “Some of them walked away with both,” she said, smiling.
Entertain the kiddies – Spring break this year provided the perfect opportunity for the staff to give parents some relief and kids a welcome activity to enjoy together by hosting movie-time, complete with popcorn and juice. Additionally, several times a year they offer arts and crafts materials and instructions so kids can make thoughtful gifts for their parents or hang their finished masterpieces in the place of honor on the family fridge.
Appreciate the furry family members – “What better way to show we love our residents and their pets than by having a pet station in the office?” asked Dickson. She said she enjoys when people bring their dogs in for a drink of water and a treat. “It’s a great chance to learn their pets’ names and chat with the people who live here,” she added.
Look for excuses – “We love National anything Day” because it gives us an excuse to spoil our residents a little bit,” said Dickson. “We offered breakfast burritos and orange juice for National Burrito Day not too long ago, and for National Pie Day, our residents could choose between a slice of pizza or a piece of pie!” she laughed. Again, some people left with both.
Notice the little things – When they can, sometimes Dickson and her staff notice a resident going the extra mile to help keep the community nice. They’ve been known to slip a Starbucks gift card here and there to someone who does something nice like pick up a discarded cup or say a kind word to another resident.
Celebrate the seasons – “Every season there’s something to celebrate,” said Dickson, and she and her staff plan resident activities around all four. Every winter holiday season you can expect to see the office decked in lights for a get-together, and every summer there’s a summer pool party blowout. This year for spring, Dickson and her crew are holding a “Best Patio” contest to “welcome spring to the property,” she said, with a prize for the most becoming arrangement of plants, garden, and furniture.
Facilitate resident outings – Dickson takes great joy in bringing residents together and watching friendships grow. “We sit adjacent to a great walking/jogging/biking trail that runs through three cities,” she said, “and we’ve helped residents join or form groups a number of times. One of my favorites is the mommy groups we have here that take their kids in strollers and talk and laugh while they walk the trail together – people that didn’t know each other when they moved in and have become very close friends.”
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