How To Get Cooking Smells Out of Your Apartment

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Everyone has been there. Creating your next culinary masterpiece, experimenting with spices and flavors until you find the exact essence you’re looking for. As you pull your masterpiece from the stove you breathe a deep sigh and say to yourself, “Chef Ramsay, I’m ready.” That is, until the next morning when you wake up and the smell hits you; it’s last night's dinner. Like an amateur, you forgot to take some precautionary measures and now your whole apartment smells like a day-old culinary experiment. Fear not, we’re here to save you from the next time. Here are some tips and tricks to get cooking smells out of your apartment.

  • Ventilate Your Space

Does your stove come with a range? Use it! Turn the fan on even when you’re prepping. It’ll help keep the kitchen cool during warmer weather as well. No range? No problem! Open a window and use a fan to direct smells out the window. Just remember, when ventilating the kitchen, don’t forget to shut your other doors. This will help contain cooking smells to the kitchen.


  • Don’t Procrastinate Cleaning

Once you’ve consumed your culinary masterpiece, it's way too easy to lay down and fall asleep or get lost in your newest Netflix binge; don’t do this. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or a pan full of grease on the stove. That innocuous pan or stray dish can help smells linger longer than they should. Instead, clean as you go. Wash that plate, scour that pan, keep your kitchen spic and span. 


  • Fire up the Oven

If a smell is lingering, you can easily mask and overpower it with some sugar and spice. One way to overpower a bad scent is to simmer cinnamon, citrus peels, cloves and other spices on the stove. If baking is more your thing, we have you covered! Combine cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter then pop the concoction into the oven and let it bake for a few hours. Your whole house will smell like fresh cookies.

  • Try Baking Soda

Raise your hand if you have a box of baking soda in the fridge? Did you know you could use the baking soda trick for your whole kitchen? You can! Using the same principle as baking soda in your fridge, all you need to do is fill some jars with baking soda and strategically place them around your kitchen. Baking soda doesn’t mask odors; instead, it absorbs them. No baking soda? Try coffee grounds! Coffee grounds act similarly to baking soda in that they will help absorb odors. Just leave them on the counter overnight and you should be good to go by morning.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Cutting Boards

Do you smell something familiar every time you pull out a cutting board? They can carry scents, especially wooden ones. If you’re giving your cutting board nothing more than a good scrub, chances are your kitchen stench could be hiding in the cracks. To combat this, soak your cutting boards in water overnight with a hint of bleach. Clean in the morning, good as new!

Do you have any tried and true tricks for getting cooking smells out of your apartment? Share them with us at #LifeatWeidner.

-The Weidner Team

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