Hosting a Scary Movie Night at Your Apartment

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October is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the spookiest time of year than with a scary movie night at your apartment? Grab some good movies, some good friends, and some good scary movies, and get started.


Decide on the Details

The first step to hosting a scary movie night is to simply decide on the details. What day do you want to host this event? Keep in mind if you choose a weekday, most people will not want to stay up too late as they have school or work in the morning. We recommend choosing either a Friday or Saturday night. Next, figure how many people you want to invite. The smaller the group, the more intimate the experience will be; however, if you make the group too small it might not be as fun and interactive. Once you have an idea of these two things, go ahead and send out invites. Sending a group text is always a great way to bring everyone together before the evening starts.

 Choose the Movies

Even though you have the theme of “scary movies” you will want to narrow this theme down even more when actually selecting the films you want to show. Plan for four movies, but don’t expect to watch all of them. You can narrow down this theme even more by considering exactly you and your friends might want to see. Some common scary movie themes include: a collection or series, '80s horror, slasher, thriller, foreign, zombie, end-of-the-world, etc. 


Grab Some Snacks & Drinks

A movie night isn’t complete without the snacks! Make a quick trip to the store and grab some chips, popcorn, nachos, and soda. You can also potluck it by asking your guests to bring a snack of their choice to share with everyone. Keep in mind you're already hosting the event so don’t feel bad about asking your friends to chip in by bringing food to share. If you want to take your scary movie night to the top level, consider providing horror-themed snacks and beverages. 


Now that you know all the steps necessary to host a scary movie night, it's time to get started! Comment below and let us know what theme and snacks you decide on.

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