Apartment Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

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Apartment living can be a breeze; that is until you have to start cleaning. Let's face it – doing household chores just isn't that fun. If only there were some apartment cleaning hacks you could rely on to make the job easier…. well, you asked for it, and we're happy to share some of our favorites:


Get the microwave nice and clean

Does the inside of your microwave look like a crime scene? To get the interior sparkling clean, all you need is a a little lemon juice which makes an excellent, organic cleaner. Simply cut a lemon in half and place it on a microwaveable plate with a tablespoon of water. Heat it for about one minute until it is nice and steamy, then carefully remove it from the microwave. Grab an old rag and you'll be surprised how easily you can wipe down the inside of the microwave. After that, remember to cover any food you cook in the microwave and wipe in between uses to keep it clean and fresh every day.

Dust the ceiling fan – the easy-breezy way

Now that colder weather has arrived, you may not be using your ceiling fan quite as much, but you don’t have to let it collect dust. If you don't want to use a Swiffer duster or a hand-vac, you can grab an old pillowcase and slide it over each individual blade with the fan shut off. Once a blade is covered, close the case opening, slide it along the fan blade and slide it off. It's a great way to remove all the dust without releasing it into the air.


Shower the shower-head

If you're having a hard time getting the shower-head nice and clean, we recommend simply grabbing a plastic bag and some white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the bag then tie it tightly around the shower head, securing it with a rubber band. Leave it to soak for about one hour before removing. The vinegar helps to dissolve the build-up from hard-water and minerals and your water will again run clean and clear.


Use a grapefruit to clean the bathroom

Want to clean your bathroom but don’t want to deal with the lingering chemical smell? Try this… simply cut a grapefruit in half, cover it with coarse kosher salt and start scrubbing. Its acidity will help cut through the grime while leaving behind a clean, zesty smell.


Now that you have a few fun and green cleaning hacks for your apartment, give them a try and let us know which are your favorites!


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