How to Work with Your Roommate to Ensure Privacy for Both

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Living with roommates can be great: you can save money, make friends, and have someone to chat with when you come home. At the same time, living with someone is a big commitment, and your roomie is guaranteed to become a big part of your life. No matter how much you enjoy each other's company, it's essential to also have some privacy. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your home is a happy one. 

Decide on Some House Rules

When you first move in together, you'll probably want to spend a lot of time together. Use this time to bond and to communicate about house rules and boundaries. Include discussions about things like knocking before entering private rooms and asking before borrowing clothes. Although, at first, these things may not be issues, it's best to come to an agreement about how to show each other mutual respect right away in order to avoid conflicts later on.  


Discuss Schedules

Communication is key. Consider placing a dry-erase calendar in the shared common area and filling it out monthly; that way, you know when each person will and won’t be home. Discuss things such as date nights and when you plan to have friends over; this is also a great time to establish which hangouts you want your roommate included in and which ones you want some privacy for. 


Utilize Headphones

It goes without saying that not everyone has the same taste in music or TV shows, so don’t assume that your roommate wants to hear what you're listening to and watching. When in your room, jam out as much as you want, but you might want to utilize headphones in any shared space; this is also an excellent tactic to use when on phone calls to help ensure your privacy. 


No matter how well you get along with your roommate, privacy is important to have. In the end, when you're considerate of their needs, they will surely do the same for you. Got any great tips for privacy in your Weidner apartment? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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