Make the Most of the Space Outside Your Apartment

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When you hear the term "home decor," you tend to think solely about the space within your apartment, but remember, your living space outside of your apartment can be included as well. Don't leave your front doorstep and balcony bare; instead, make the most of it by decorating it to the nines, including furniture so you can create an extra space where you can hang out. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks. 

Creating an inviting outdoor living space can elevate your life in your Weidner Apartment Home.Create a Patio Garden

One of the best ways to utilize your patio or balcony is to create a garden! Adding some greenery to a space can really help create a Zen-like environment for you to thrive in. Plus, if you plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the payoff fromour gardening efforts can be immense. Place a chair in the middle of your patio garden, and you'll have the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy your own little place in nature. 

Add a Rug or Floor Pillows

Getting down on the ground and close to earth is a great way to find balance and inner peace. By placing a comfy rug on pillows on the ground of your patio or balcony, you can relax and feel down-to-earth. Plus, by keeping the decor low to the ground, you won't be blocking your fantastic view. 

Light It Up

Outdoor lights aren't just for the holidays! String lights are a great way to brighten up the space outside your apartment. Some twinkly lights can set a mood as well as add a delicate flair to just about any space. Just be sure to purchase weatherproof lights in case of rain. 

Get a Fun Welcome Mat

Nothing says welcome home quite like, well, a welcome mat! But you don't have to stick with the traditional "Welcome" format; in fact, there are many fun varieties to add a little pizzazz to your home. Have pets? How about a "Wipe Your Paws Mat"? Not a fan of people stopping by? Opt for a "Go Away" mat. Whatever you decide to go with, show your personality by selecting the perfect welcome mat for you. 

Now that you know about these fun ways to utilize the space outside your apartment, you may regret waiting until now to decorate. Don't worry; there's plenty of time to update your decor in your Weidner apartment home. How else do you spruce up your balcony or patio? Share your fun ideas with us in the comments below.

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