The Wonders of Watermelon

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Summertime calls for the enjoyment of the most refreshing fruit – watermelon! This delicious treat is so versatile that it can be used in almost anything. From decor to desserts and everything in between, be sure to indulge in this sweet treat all summer long. Check out our suggestions to help you make the most of this fabulous fruit.   

Sweet Decor

Add a pop of color to your apartment by decorating with watermelon-themed objects. Towels are a great option as you can easily find the pattern you want. Plus, when summertime comes to an end, you can switch them out for a more seasonally appropriate theme. Or, if you want a more subtle approach, use watermelon colors in your home. Pink and green will convey your idea in a fun and colorful way. 

RefreshEnjoy some watermelon this summer in your Ridgeview Village Apartment Home! ing Drinks

Watermelon makes for delicious drinks due to its high proportion of water! Whether you want to make watermelon-lemonade or watermelon smoothies, quench your thirst by indulging in this sweet treat. For bonus points, cut the watermelon in half, scoop out the insides, and serve your beverage in the rind. 

Delicious Food

When you live in an apartment community that offers an expansive yard in a park-like setting like Ridgeview Village Apartment Homes in Fort St. John BC, why not enjoy some meals outdoors? Whether you're dining on your balcomy, patio or in your resident picnic area, there are so many amazing ways to incorporate watermelon into fun dishes. For vegetarians, you can throw your melon on the BBQ or smoker to create your very own grilled delight. Try making refreshing popsicles or watermelon salad for a classic treat or try something a little more unusual, like using this fantastic fruit in your marinade. With its natural sweetness, you can use it in just about anything, including curries and stews. Or, following an age-old summer tradition, eat it cool and sliced during a picnic.

Now that you know about the many exciting ways toincorporate watermelon into your summer, you're probably eager to start! Try out some of our ideas or come up with your own… and please share them with us in the comments below!

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