Move to Anchorage, AK, and Experience an Adventure Every Day

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Anchorage, Alaska, Offers Unique Experiences Year-Round

If you find most American cities are essentially the same and are looking for a change of pace, it might be time to spread your wings and move up to Anchorage, Alaska. Uniquely different in many ways, Anchorage promises to offer many never-before-had experiences, and here are some of the most interesting.

Move to Anchorage, AK, and Experience an Adventure Every Day

Seafood Staples

Tired classic American meals consisting of burgers, fries, pizza, and chicken wings? In Anchorage, you’ll find that creative seafood options are much more prevalent in day-to-day cuisine. Innovative local restaurants flex their creative muscles and create incredible dishes with an abundant local supply of salmon, crab, halibut, and herring. Try some of Anchorage’s unique preparations, such as smoked salmon pot pie, seafood lasagna, and salmon macaroni and cheese. If you love to spend time in the kitchen, add fishing to your list of things to do. You’ll have plenty of spots near Anchorage to find really fresh food and prepare mouth-watering seafood creations.


Natural Beauty

Surround yourself with the natural beauty of Alaska by adding regular viewings of the Northern Lights and strolls through ice caves to your routine. Short trips bring you to thousands of different ice glaciers, including The Bering Glacier, the largest on the continent, and the Denali Mountain, which has the highest peak in North America. The many national parks in the area, including temperate rainforests, are breathtaking to visit as well.


Extra Cash

When you work hard for your paycheck, you want to keep as much of it as possible. One unique benefit in Alaska is that the state collects zero income and sales tax. In addition, the state pays out cash from the Permanent Fund Dividend program, which can amount to some significant extra income of upwards of $1,000 per year.


Fun Transportation

With only four major roads in the state’s highway system, the locals have found many more exciting and fun ways to travel. Dog-sledding and cruising around in snowmobiles, or snow machines, as the locals call them, are popular modes of transportation. Head to extremely remote areas in floatplanes or hop on the state ferry system to reach one of their 33 area ports.


Long Summer Days and Nights

Although the extremely short days during the winter may require an adjustment, you’ll love the 22 hours of daylight that Alaskans get to enjoy in the summer. Take time to kayak, hike, golf, fish, or even ski, skate, and snowmobile in the extra hours of daylight. Be sure to mark your calendars for the local annual festivals, including the Sitka WhaleFest, the Girdwood Forest Fair, the Alaska State Fair, and the Anchorage International Film Festival.

Most Alaskans love being outdoors, but there’s plenty to enjoy inside as well. The Alaska Native Heritage Center showcases Alaska’s first settlers rich culture, and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra puts on some incredible concerts. Don’t forget to try all the delicious dishes from local restaurants like Glacier Brewhouse and Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria. 


Ready to Relocate?

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