Tips For Sharing a Bathroom

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Leasing an apartment with roommates is a great way to save money! Whether you are comfortable sharing a room or just a bathroom, compromises like these can significantly reduce your costs in the long run. If you decide to share a bathroom, it’s important to establish rules and boundaries ahead of time to ensure that everyone sees eye to eye. Keep reading for some helpful tips that will make sharing a bathroom a breeze. 

Check out these helpful tips for sharing a bathroom.

Set a Schedule For Busy Days

There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready for work in the morning only to discover that your bathroom is already in use. As soon as you move in together, sit down and discuss schedules. If you start work earlier, it only makes sense that you should have access to the bathroom first. If you start at the same time, one person will have to compromise and wake up a bit earlier, but this can rotate, allowing both parties to do their fair share. You should also discuss evening bathroom routines since many people have long and intensive skincare rituals before bed. 

Split Up The Storage Space

When moving your belongings into the bathroom, it’s a good idea to discuss who gets what storage space ahead of time. Try to split it up evenly or shelf by shelf. If you can’t find a good compromise, we recommend investing in bathroom caddies that each person can keep in their room and bring with them into the bathroom when they are using it. 

Discuss Products and Materials

Just because you are sharing a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to share products and materials. It’s essential to label your products and establish boundaries with usage. For example, rather than having your own toilet rolls, it’s a good idea to simply take turns purchasing them. If you don't want your roommates using your belongings, it’s important to let them know. While this might sound like common sense, some roommates might assume that they can use your products because you left them out. 

When it comes to living with roommates, we always recommend over communicating with them. Sharing a bathroom can be very simple and save you money as long as you establish rules and boundaries ahead of time. Do you have any tips for your neighbors who might be in a similar situation? Share your advice in the comments below.

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