Working Remotely Away From Home

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Working remotely can be incredibly freeing! You no longer have to stress about commuting, packing lunches, and dealing with various personalities. While we often think that working remotely requires us to be at our home, the truth is, you can work remotely from just about anywhere as long as you have WiFi! So, the next time you have a lull in meetings and reports, consider taking your laptop elsewhere and working away from home. Here are some tips to help you succeed. 

Discover the best ways to work remotely away from home.

Prepare Accordingly

If you are planning to work remotely away from home, it’s essential that you prepare accordingly. First, plan out your week and consider what work you should get done ahead of time and what you can take with you. We recommend getting all of those important Zoom calls done at the beginning of the week to ensure that your internet connection is stable and that you have a nice, professional background. If you utilize dual monitors at home, complete all the work that requires multiple screens, such as reports. 

Choose a Spot Wisely

While you have the freedom to choose where to work from, it’s important to choose wisely. You don’t want to select a loud and distracting location that will prevent you from getting your work done. We always love the idea of renting an Airbnb to work from since it will give you a nice change of scenery while ensuring that you have WiFi and accommodations. You might even be able to find ones near the beach or in the mountains!

Inform Others

If you plan to work remotely from a friend or family member's home, it’s best to inform them about your specific needs ahead of time. Remember, you are the one working, so it’s not fair to assume they will be quiet the whole day while you work. It’s best to let them know about any important meetings or quiet time you require so they can be in the loop. You can also come up with signals such as if the door is closed, that you are not to be bothered. 

Enjoy the freedom of working remotely and try working from somewhere other than your home. By planning accordingly, choosing a good spot, and informing others, you can ensure your success. Let us know where you plan to work from in the comments below.

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