A Guide to Technology Before Bed

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Do you lay in bed scrolling through your phone for hours only to find that you are having trouble falling asleep? You’re not alone! The light on your phone can actually prevent you from sleeping! Keep reading to discover our helpful guide to managing technology before bed, which will help you sleep much better!

Read this blog to discover the best ways to utilize technology before bed.

Create a Technology Free Bedroom

Take a look around your room and notice all of your electronic devices. Try moving them into the living room or spare room and make your bedroom a technology-free space. If your cell phone doubles as your alarm clock, you can still bring it into your room, but don’t use it as anything other than an alarm. Once your room has been a technology-free space for a while, you will start to notice better sleep simply because your brain now associates your bedroom with sleep rather than mental stimulation. 

Don’t Use Any Screens Atleast an Hour Before Bed

If you can’t completely turn your bedroom into a technology-free zone, try to avoid at least looking at a screen during the hour before bed. Once you want to mentally prepare to sleep, set your alarm, flip your phone over, and don’t look at it. Mindlessly scrolling through social media might seem like a good way to wind down, but it actually has the opposite effect and causes considerably more harm than good. 

Change Your Phone Settings

With so many exciting new updates always coming out, our phones have endless possibilities to help us sleep better. Be sure that you are taking advantage of the new settings such as do not disturb or night shift. Do not disturb will tell people that you are not receiving audible notifications if they try to text or call you; this way, you don’t get woken up by your phone ringing. They can bypass the system if it’s an emergency, meaning they can still contact you in critical situations. Night shift will change the colors on your display to the warmer end of the color spectrum, which may help you get a better night’s sleep. With these settings being so easily accessible, you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not using them. 

Ensure better sleep by monitoring your use of technology before bed! We recommend creating a technology-free room, not using screens at least an hour before bed, and changing your phone settings. Do you have any questions about these helpful ideas? Feel free to ask away in the comments below.

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