Reasons To Move To Williston, ND, Right Away

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The city of Williston, ND, is the regional hub for businesses, history, and development, along with entertainment and adventure. In a nutshell, this small town has everything you’d need in your new hometown. 

Over the past ten years, Williston’s population has mushroomed, but it still hasn’t lost its small-town charm thanks to the friendly people and tight-knit apartment communities. However, it’s not just the quaint neighborhoods that have caused the area’s rapid growth. The town’s population grew by 82% between 2010 and 2019, primarily due to the region’s booming oil and gas industry. As a result, many of the other sectors in the city have dramatically expanded, creating more quality jobs with competitive pay and compensation.

For those who love a small-town vibe, Williston makes the perfect home.

Here are three more reasons that might convince you to relocate to this beautiful and friendly region! 


Reasons To Move To Williston, ND Right Away


1. Booming Economic Opportunities 

Oil and gas exploration has always been a mainstay of the economy. Williston is located at the center of the Bakken Formation (a massive source of oil), which has helped North Dakota secure a position as the second-largest oil-producing state in America, after Texas. Williston’s local job opportunities are soaring, especially in the energy industry. Moreover, as the city is located at the crossroads of US Highway 85 and 2, its distribution sector is also skyrocketing. Overall, in Williston, you won’t have trouble finding well-paying jobs due to the area’s continued growth, providing plenty of employment opportunities. 

2. It’s A Healthy And Active Town 

Health is a massive priority in Williston, and as a resident, you’ll find a plethora of ways to keep yourself active and fit. There are more than half a dozen, and counting, walking trails in the city. If you’re seeking adventure, you’ll love the different watersports, like white water rafting and kayaking, near the Missouri River and the Sakakawea Lake. In addition, Williston residents have access to the Area Recreation Centre, where guests can take advantage of various amenities like a water park, an indoor tennis court, a spin room, an indoor turf field, and four basketball courts. 

3. Friendly Communities 

Williston is famous for its small-town charm, which results from the many friendly and inviting area residents. The communities here are especially social, and they like to get together frequently. Also, with the growing population, more indoor and outdoor attractions help add to the community’s quality of life and provide spaces for people to connect. 

Williston is a great place to live due to all the modern conveniences that add to the area’s excitement and homey feel. If you plan to move to Williston, we encourage you to check out Prairie Vista Apartment Homes. It’s a newly-built community that perfectly reflects the essence of this small-town city with a modern twist. From top-tier amenities to rich community life, here at Prairie Vista, you’ll enjoy it all! 

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