How to Keep Your Home Free of Pet Odors

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Pets are a fantastic addition to the family, but they really do require a lot of responsibility.

No matter how much you love your pets, you probably don’t love their odor. There is nothing more frustrating than lying down to relax on the couch only to be met with the smell of your dog. Nor is it enjoyable to sit down to watch a movie only to realize that your favorite blanket is covered in cat hair. So what’s the solution?

Read on to learn how you can keep your home free of pet odors!



Clean Up Accidents Thoroughly and Quickly

Even very well trained pets are certain to have the occasional accident. The best way to prevent stains or lasting odors is to take immediate action. Make sure to remove the entirety of the mess and then apply a stain and odor remover to the affected area. If you prefer more natural products, be sure to use one that includes baking soda.


Frequent bathing/grooming

Regularly brushing and bathing your pets is another great way to maintain control. Most breeds of cats do not require baths, so only bathe them if and when your veterinarian suggests it. You should, however, brush your cats on a regular basis to limit how much they shed throughout the rest of your home. This will also reduce the likelihood of hairballs, so you will be preventing two different kinds of messes!

Most breeds of dogs can handle regular baths, so definitely consider incorporating that into your routine. Brushing your dog will also limit the amount of hair that you find around your home. If you have a breed of dog that sheds a lot, consider speaking to your groomer about ways to deal with this.


Regular Dusting and Vacuuming

A big contributor to pet odors in the home is the hair that they leave everywhere they go. If you regularly dust and vacuum, then you will keep much of this hair at bay. Not only that, but you will also find yourself using fewer lint rollers and other such products to remove their hair from your clothes and furniture.

If you have carpet or rugs, consider getting a tool to rake the hair out of the fibers of the fabric. This will enable you to remove much more hair than vacuuming alone!


Wash Your Pillows/Blankets/Pet beds Regularly

Don’t want your fabric decor items to smell like your cat or dog? Then you will need to wash them on a regular basis. In between washes, you can spray them with a freshening spray to keep them smelling nice all the time.

It is not uncommon for people to forget to wash their pet’s bed, but it can definitely trap a lot of their smell. If your pet’s bed does not have a removable cover and is too big for your washer and dryer, you can try washing it at the laundromat or letting it soak in your bathtub!


Air Purifier

Even after you have cleaned and washed everything in your home, there can still be lingering smells due to your pet’s dander. Investing in an air purifier can work wonders for your home. Plus, this is a great way to limit the allergens in your home, so your friends and family that may be allergic to your pets will be less affected in your home!


Take Advantage of a Nice Day and Open the Window

Sometimes the simplest solutions can make a BIG difference. If you find yourself home on a nice, mild day, consider opening your windows and letting the fresh air whisk your pet’s odors out. You could also do this overnight once things have quieted down for the day!

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