How to Live Quietly and Happily in a Noisy City

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Living in an apartment community comes with its share of built-in noise, but when that community is also located on a busy city street, the noise decibel can quickly become nerve-wracking. Here are some ideas to combat the noise level in your apartment home so you can live quietly and peacefully ever after!

  • Listen to something else other than the noise. Download some background sounds like a babbling brook, ocean waves, birds singing, or music that calms you or lifts your spirits. Even the sounds of a fan will help distract your mind from the constant hum of the city.
  • Move your bookcases to the exterior wall of your apartment and fill them with your favorite books. You’ll drown out some of the noise and you might become nicely distracted by some interesting stories!
  • Invest in some heavy curtains. There’s a reason why hotels use heavy curtains – it drowns out the light and the sound.
  • Hang tapestry-style artwork on your walls to absorb the sound.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. You’d be surprised at how much sound a cracked window lets in. Also, line the bottom of your doors with doorstops used to keep out the cold during drafty winters – they’re perfect for dulling pesky noises.
  • Add some fluffy rugs to your apartment home, especially if you have hardwood floors. Find rugs with rubber backing to absorb more of the sound.
  • Fill the space – the more empty space there is, the more the sound can travel. Now you can have fun collecting art pieces knowing you’re also soundproofing your apartment!

If you’ve never lived in the city before, it might be a bit of a shock to your system. Give your nervous system some time to adjust. It might take up to a month, but even city noise has a certain pattern to it that the mind will eventually adjust to. Focus on the benefits of city living – convenience, diners and entertainment venues that are open late or all night, and neighbors that are close by if you need them.

Beyond that…there’s always that vacation on a quiet deserted island to plan.

-The Weidner Team

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