Make Cooking Easier in Your Small Kitchen

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A lot of people feel ambivalent about cooking. While it's fun to dine on the end result, it can be frustrating if the space is limited. At the same time, we need to eat to live, so it's best to find ways to help make the most of the time we actually spend in the kitchen.
Even if you don’t have a large space to work with, it's possible to rearrange your cozy kitchen to make cooking more fun. Keep reading for some tips and tricks on how to rearrange your small kitchen for maximum efficiency and fun.


Utilize Cabinet Doors

The inside of your cabinet doors is a great place to store kitchen gadgets. Simply attach some removable adhesive-backed hooks to the surface and hang many of the items that are taking up valuable space in your drawers. You can also use magnetic hooks on the side of your fridge where you can hang utensils and save valuable drawer space.


Tuck Away Those Smaller Appliances

It may feel convenient to have your small appliances out on the counter such as your toaster, coffee maker, mixer, etc., but how often do you actually use them? Store away the appliances you don't typically use in an easily accessible space. This will diminish the sense of clutter and give you more counter-top space to work with. 


Organize by Task

When completing a task like making coffee, it's not ideal to be digging through a bunch of different drawers and cabinets to find all of the items and ingredients you need. Instead, consider organizing things by task. For example, keep the coffee, filters, and sweetener in a cabinet near your kettle or coffee maker. This will ultimately make tasks faster and help keep your kitchen organized.


Utilize Pop-Up Shelves and File Organizers

Make the most of the vertical space in your cabinets and add some pop-up or hanging shelves to maximize space. Keeping a step stool nearby to help you reach the taller shelves helps. If you have file organizers or shelves that you no longer use, move them near the kitchen for additional storage space.
Incorporate Under-seat Storage
Whether it's a bench seat with a lid or seating with storage spaces beneath them, this can be a crafty way to store items that are unseen but easily accessible.
Hang a Tension Rod Under the Sink
To save room, you can hang up your spray bottles and cleaners on the rod and gain valuable shelf space.
These are just a few simple ways you can make the most of the cozy kitchen in your apartment. What are some space-saving tips you use? Share your best ideas with us in the comments below. Learn more about the Weidner Apartment Homes properties in your city.

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