Easy Winter Holiday Decor

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If you want to make the most of the holiday season but don’t have the time or the bandwidth to fully redecorate, this blog is for you. The good news is, holiday decorations don’t have to entail an abundance of hanging lights and inflatable Santas. Instead, you can focus on the small details that can really add up to create an indoor winter wonderland. Keep reading for some easy winter holiday decor ideas. 


Go With Miniatures

A little can go a long way… literally! Skip the oversized bows and jingle bells, and opt for some miniature decorations to do the trick. Not only will this help to keep your apartment less cluttered, but also, when it comes to storage space, they'll take up significantly less room than their larger counterparts during the rest of the year. 


Fill Up Some Vases

If you have an empty vase sitting around, fill it up with some holiday greenery. Something as simple as some spruce tree branches can fill up a vase and look minimalistically mesmerizing. You can also utilize objects from your holiday decorating box such as ornaments or forage outdoors for various sizes of pine cones that you can easily throw into the vases and spread the winter cheer. 


Incorporate Fragrant Decor

'Tis the season of wonderful aromas, from fresh-baked cookies to winter pine! It helps to remember that decorating isn’t just a visual thing… it's more fun to try and include something to please all five senses. Besides the fragrant pine that your fresh tree, wreath and garlands may add, consider making a centerpiece or bouquet by tying together a few bay leaves with some rosemary and marjoram. Other options include boiling some spiced cider and using scented candles to create an aromatic experience for all.  


Now that you know how simple it can be to turn your Weidner Apartment Home into a winter wonderland, get started today. These decor ideas are easy, fun, and can be made with objects you most likely have at or around your home. Let us know how you decorate for the holidays in the comments below.

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