5 Fun Holiday Party Theme Ideas

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''Tis the season and it's time to celebrate! Looking for a theme for your upcoming holiday party? Here are some fun ideas:
Holiday-print Leggings
It’s like an Ugly Christmas Sweater party only better! At a holiday-print leggings party, you get to wear your most festive leggings! If your guests don't want to do the fitted clothing thing,  encourage them to wear workout or pajama pants. Who doesn't like to be comfortable? Don't forget to award a prize to the winner! 
Cookie Exchange
For a fun and delicious idea, how about a cookie exchange party? Everyone brings enough of their favorite homemade cookies to share with all the guests, and, in turn, they'll go home with cookies baked by the whole gang. Remind your guests how many participants you're expecting so people know how many batches to bake and bring. Ideally, each participant will take home a dozen or two of a variety of holiday cookies. Don’t forget to provide some milk options (dairy and non-dairy, ideally) for those who want to sample the batches of cookies immediately. Yum!
Gingerbread House Contest
This one's a family-friendly holiday-themed competition that's sure to please all age groups. Purchase several gingerbread house sets and split into groups. You can also allow your guests to bring additional supplies in order to decorate and fully unleash their creativity. Whether this is a contest or not, having everyone at the same table working on a project will make for great bonding time.
Holiday Carol-oke
What else could this mean, besides having a great time singing holiday tunes with your friends? Set up your screen, either on your TV or your computer, and queue up the karaoke versions of your favorite holiday songs. You can find nearly every song's karaoke version on YouTube by performing a simple search.
White Elephant Gift Exchange
Instead of having to worry about buying the perfect Secret Santa gift for a particular person, with a “white elephant” party, it’s all about bringing in a tasteless and often impractical item that people will laugh about and even try to "steal" when it's their turn. Don't know the rules? Check out how throw a white elephant party here. 
Which of these holiday-themed parties will you choose? Are you inviting any of us from #LifeAtWeidner? Happy planning!

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