Use Virtual Tours for Apartment-hunting to Find Your Perfect New Home

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COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things, and finding a new apartment is no exception. In an age of extended personal space and social distancing, renters are finding new and innovative ways to find their perfect home without leaving their couches. One of the most popular tools that apartment managers, real estate agents, and potential renters have used to navigate apartment hunting is the virtual tour.

A virtual tour is a high-tech way to virtually walk through an apartment to get an idea for the flow, layout, design, and decor of the home. Some of the most basic virtual tours involve a slideshow of pictures of the inside of the home, while more advanced tours provide a complete 3D tour that completely immerses the viewer in a virtual apartment tour.

Your new apartment is going to be a safe space; a place that works with your lifestyle, is convenient, comfortable, and feels like home. The more information you have about an apartment up front, the more confident you can be in your apartment-renting decision.

As you browse for a new apartment, look for apartment communities that offer multiple virtual tour options such as dollhouse mode, layout mode, and measurement mode.

Dollhouse Mode

This kind of virtual tour allows you to see the apartment from above, seeing the entire unit as a 3D model. This allows you to view the apartment and rotate it on its axis so you can see the entire apartment at once and carefully analyze how each room flows into the next.

Layout Mode

The layout feature is a more traditional virtual tour concept. This allows you to look down into the apartment as if the roof was removed. This is another way to see how each part of the apartment flows into the next.

Measurement Mode

One of the biggest issues renters have when choosing an apartment is the actual size and scope of the area. It can be difficult to know for sure if your couch will fit in the living room, if your oversized armchair will fit through the front door, or if your King size bed will make your new bedroom feel tight. The measurement mode feature in many virtual tours allows you to measure doors, walls, windows, and floors to get a better idea for how you will arrange your furniture and set up your space

Community Virtual Tours

When you choose an apartment, you aren’t just committing to the residence, you’re committing to the community as well. Typically, you’d be able to walk through the apartment community, look at the amenities, spend some time in the resident’s lounge and walk the grounds to get a feel for what life would look like if you lived there. You’d check out the parking situation, and get a feel for how the community was cared for and maintained. But, since touring a property is more of a challenge now, virtual tours have been expanded to helping potential renters get a feel for their apartment amenities as well.

The amenities are a main reason why people choose a particular apartment community, so you should choose a community that offers virtual tours of the community amenities too. Ask for a virtual tour of the clubhouse, pool, game room, fitness centers, dog parks, and other amenities that the community has to offer.

Apartment hunting may look a little different these days, but thanks to technology and innovative solutions like virtual tours, you can still find the apartment of your dreams.

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