Tips For Choosing a Designated Study Space

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Have you been searching for a spot in your apartment to create a nook ideal for studying? No need to Feng Shui your entire home to find the perfect location! Start by reading our practical tips listed below to create the perfect space to achieve peak productivity, sans all the fuss.  

Tips For Choosing a Designated Study Space

Finding the Perfect Location 

When choosing a designated place to focus, there are multiple factors to consider, and making the perfect environment to do so can be a fun activity. If you select one room or area as your study space, your brain will eventually associate that particular spot with work and study. Once you sit down and start, you'll enter into study mode sooner, which is vital before tests or when you need to make deadlines. Constantly moving between rooms, libraries, and coffee shops may complicate the process since you'll always have new distractions, so choosing a dependable space is ideal for helping you focus.


Get comfortable

Anyone who works from home has their opinions on home and work attire. Some prefer to wear their pajamas, while others dress in a business ensemble before starting the workday. 

Enjoying the place where you study may help increase your stamina which is why we recommend wearing comfortable clothing. However, changing out of your pajamas before you start is essential to give your mind another signal that this isn't time to lounge or sleep. We suggest finding a happy medium and changing into business casual clothes to help signal your brain that it's work time. 


Look for natural light

Our eyes love natural light. Even a bit can bring warmth and vitality to a room, necessary for making the best study space. Bright and even dim lights can make studying less ideal; reading under fluorescent or bright lights can strain your eyes and mind.


When you're creating your study environment, pay attention to where you place and position lighting. Bright lights are distracting, and having a light that is too dim can be unproductive. A helpful tip for light placement is to place a floor lamp behind you, making a dim light shine over your shoulder instead of directly onto your desk.  


Purchase plants to place throughout your apartment

Certain houseplants can improve indoor air quality, and your green, lively plants make a study space more peaceful. Purchasing a low-maintenance houseplant, like aloe or a snake plant, can brighten your apartment and study nook. As long as you remember to water it, a plant can make your environment more serene.


Stay away from electronics and television

When you're studying, your phone and TV can be big distractions and impede your progress. Even though you may not constantly watch what's on TV or look through your phone, they can still affect your focus and concentration. Switching both off can liberate your mind.


Keep it positive

Bringing positivity into your study area is essential to creating a productive spot. By decorating with pictures of family or motivational quotes, can quickly spruce up the area. Regularly cleaning and organizing can also aid in keeping your mind decluttered. 



Creating an organized study area is essential to keeping regular study habits. If you are constantly looking for new places to focus, follow these tips to help achieve a personalized study nook. Fortunately, Weidner Apartment Homes provides spacious floor plans where you can easily find your new favorite place to study. What are your study habits? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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