Family Chore Time

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Chores can be a hassle, but when everyone helps out, they can be quick and painless. No matter your living situation, there’s a good chance that you live with people who have different preferences for cleanliness. Although everyone may have different definitions of "clean," this doesn’t mean the chores shouldn’t be equal. It’s essential to establish some rules for cleaning, and all spend the same amount of time contributing to the cleanliness of your home. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks. 

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Use a Fun Game to Decide Who Does Which Chore

Chores can be tedious if you’re stuck doing the same thing every time. We recommend playing a fun game to decide who does what. First, list all the chores that need to be done and then divide them up by how many people live in the house to determine how many each person needs to do. Then decide on a fun but even way to choose. One fun way to do it is to place a speaker on the table with a ping pong ball on top of it, then surround the speaker with solo cups with a chore written on each. Every roommate or family member gets to choose a song to play on the speaker, which will move the ball with the vibrations. Whichever cup it falls into is what that person must do. 

Lead By Example

Kids will always look to you to see how you respond to just about anything and mimic your attitude. If you approach chores with excitement, there’s a good chance they will do the exact same thing. For younger kids, never utilize a chore as a form of punishment since it will lead them to associate cleaning with being in trouble. Instead, put on some fun music and dance and sing as you get the job done. We are confident that the kids will follow suit and learn to love helping out around the house. 

Make it a Routine

We believe that cleaning should be a healthy habit, and by instilling it in your entire family, you will get it done every week without even thinking about it. Just keep in mind that the first few times you do the chores, there will be more work, but the more often you do them, the less mess you will have to clean up. Eventually, these chores will feel like maintenance rather than a huge task to undertake. 

Cleaning your home together is a great way to get the kids invested in keeping things neat and organized. By using fun games, leading by example, and making a routine, family chore time will be a breeze. Does your family play a fun game to determine who does what? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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