Summer Reading List

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Whether you are a student on your summer break or simply trying to relax this season, reading is a great way to spend your time. Reading will allow you to journey to just about anywhere through the pages of a book. This underrated activity is one of our favorites, and we highly recommend that if you have some free time, you should pick up a book and let your mind run wild! 

Get ready to start your summer reading list!
Setting a Goal

First, start by setting your reading goal for the summer. Figure out how much you want to read but be sure it's an achievable goal. Remember, this should be for your enjoyment; it shouldn't stress you out. You can always adjust your plan later, so start with an amount that is fun and doable. We recommend starting your goal at a chapter a day, depending on your reading level. Remember that not all books and chapters are equal. So if you pick up a book that is harder to digest, consider setting a smaller goal. 

Choosing the Books

There are so many amazing stories to read that you might not know where to start. Start by narrowing down the category you want to explore. Do you want to read the classics that are great conversation starters, or do you want to read the latest and greatest romance novel? Once you've narrowed down a category, do a quick online search to look for recommendations. While we all tend to disregard things just because they are mainstream, it's important to remember that they are probably popular because they are actually good. 

Finding the Books

If you love highlighting and taking notes while you read, we recommend only buying your books; if not, it's best to borrow the book from your local library. We love utilizing the library since it's a great way to join a community of fellow book lovers. If you are more of a digital person who doesn't like carrying bulky books, you can utilize a Kindle reader; this is a great way to read on the go!

Do you feel inspired to start your summer reading list? Be sure to set a goal, choose the books, and then go out and find them. Let us know what you plan to read in the comments below.

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