Tips For Moving in With a Significant Other

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Moving in with a significant other is a huge step in a relationship that can be extremely rewarding when thought out and handled properly. If you already spend an abundance of time together, why keep paying rent at two separate locations when you could move in together? If you’re thinking about moving in with that special someone, keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks to ensure your success. 

Are you ready to move in with your partner? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Hope For the Best, But Plan for the Worst

When people move in together, they tend to dive head first in and plan for a happily ever after. While this is ideal, it’s not always realistic. We recommend hoping for the best but planning for the worst. When you first move in together, keep things separate, such as the finances, furniture you purchase, etc. While no one wants to have the “what if” talk, it’s essential to do so ahead of time. Come up with a contingency plan to ensure everyone is on the same page should something happen. Unfortunately, many people stay in relationships for longer than they want to simply because getting out of them would be too difficult financially. Once you are both aware of the plan, you will surely have more peace of mind simply because you know you are together because you want to be – not because you have to be. 

Don’t Expect Perfection

One of the worst things you can do when moving in together is set your expectations too high. Remember, you are both humans at the end of the day, and it’s only natural to have bumps in the road. Prepare to discover things about each other that you might not particularly like, but learn to love the flaws just as much. With open and honest communication, you and your partner can tackle any imperfection that comes your way. 

Plan For “Me Time”

Living together will surely take some getting used to, and while you will want to spend all of your time together, it’s essential that you plan for some “me time.” If your relationship was previously long-distance, it would be hard to go from zero to one hundred. You will still want to set aside time to be alone or go out with your own friends. Living together doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself or your individuality. 

Moving in together is an exciting step in the relationship! Before the big day, read this blog over again and prepare accordingly. Do you have any other tips or words of wisdom for your neighbors? Share away in the comments below.

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