Tools Every Renter Should Own

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One of the many notable aspects of apartment living is having a maintenance team available to fix any issues that may occur in or around your home. While you can trust that they have all the tools necessary to make any repairs, it’s still crucial for you to have your own toolkit at home. Keep reading to discover which essentials you should own. 

Be sure you have these tools at home for emergencies.
Screwdriver Set – A screwdriver set is an essential tool to have in your household. This versatile necessity is used for everything from opening up remote controls to putting furniture together and everything in between. We recommend getting e set with every shape and size or one screwdriver with a removable head. 

Tape Measure – Whether you are just moving in or finally settling in your apartment, you should have a tape measure in your toolbox. This handy item will help you plan out the space between your furniture, picture frames, and everything else. While most phones have a tape measure tool, they aren’t as accurate or reliable, so we recommend sticking with the classic. 

Flashlight – We think every person should have a flashlight in their toolbox. Should a power outage or emergency occur, you will need a flashlight to help you navigate your home. Now you might be thinking this tool is unnecessary since your phone has a flashlight, but if there was a power outage and your phone died, you would be left in the dark – literally. Invest in a good flashlight, especially one that is solar charger or crank charged. 

Duct Tape – Duct tape is the quickest way to fix things temporarily! Whether your kid broke their favorite toy or you need to seal something up nice and tight, duct tape will get the job done. Whether or not you plan to use it, it’s a great thing to have sitting around for those emergency occasions. 

While our maintenance team will always come prepared with the right tools needed to repair your apartment, we recommend that you have your own toolbox at home, especially if you are just moving in. Did we forget to include any important tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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