How to Handle a Maintenance Issue

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Apartment living is a blast, especially when you can rely on our handy maintenance team to take care of any issue that may arise. The first time you encounter a problem, such as a broken light bulb or leaking sink, it’s important to let our team know so that we can handle it accordingly. Keep reading to discover the best ways to approach an issue and how we go about fixing it. 

Here are the best ways to handle a maintenance issue.
Call or Submit a Maintenance Request

The first step in the process is to let us know that there is a problem. If you don’t tell us, we have no way of knowing that our assistance is required. You can either call the leasing office and let our friendly team know about the issue, or you can visit your online portal and submit a request there. Please be sure to include as much information and detail as possible. The more we know about the problem, the better prepared we can be to fix it. It’s also essential to let us know whether or not we have permission to enter; this means that we are allowed to go into your home and fix the problem if you are not there. 

Give us up to 48 Hours to Resolve

As soon as we receive your maintenance request, we will try to address the issue as soon as possible, but we kindly ask that you give us up to 48 hours to resolve it. If we are not given permission to enter, we will call you and try to work our schedule around yours. If there is a particular area of your apartment that needs repairs, be sure to clear the area so that we can go in and get the job done. If you have pets, be sure that they are secured when our team enters, especially if they are skittish. 

Follow Up With Us If You Need Anything Else

Once the work is complete, our team will close out the work order, and you may receive a survey to let us know how we did. If the issue is major, our team will typically call you to follow up and make sure everything is back to normal. Should there be further repairs necessary or a separate one, follow the same steps again. 

Next time you have a maintenance issue at your apartment, be sure to submit a maintenance request, give us time to fix the issue, and follow up with us if you need anything else. We are always there to help you live your best life in our Weidner communities.

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